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 Before You Buy : ShopMart  Customer  Guide  – ORDERS, PAYMENT,  &  BUYER PROTECTION is a E-commerce Company , Bangladeshi Online Shop targeted at consumers worldwide, offering products at attractive prices . Your order amount can be as low as 1 item and you can pay safely using Buyer Protection service. ShopMart  uses  all types of payments until you confirm satisfaction of your order. it’s a best and trusted Online shop,

In Dhaka City our Home Delivery Charge is 50 tk only . Out of Dhaka city our Home delivery or Condition Courier charge is 80 tk ,Dhaka sub area 80 tk .Khulna Home delivery Charge is 50 tk only. Our Home Delivery or Condition courier take 48/72 hours for Delivery process. When you Complete your order, your product Will be arrived within 48/72 hour in your given address.

Returns accepted if you don’t like the product or if the product is not as described .Full Refund if you don’t receive your order and any Damage. or Refund Policy: After   receiving your product, if you want, you can get a full refund of your ordered product price.To get refund, please, inform us through an e-mail to ([email protected] ) or call us at 01872-411175. Please, note that to avail a full refund, you have to send the product to office in absolutely good condition at your own cost.

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